Thursday, September 22, 2016


Keri Hilson first entered the music industry as a songwriter who has written for Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly, Plies, Ludacris & many more. In 2009 she reintroduced herself as a singer with the debut album In A Perfect World that featured the breakout hit "Energy", "Knock You Down" with Kanye West & Ne-Yo, but one song in particular became very controversial & that was the "Turnin' Me On" remix. 

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After the original version was released another version hit the internet featuring T-Pain & Lil' Wayne boasting it's infectious & addicting beat, but no one knew what was coming until Keri came in with her new verse. 

"I shot the sheriff / but wait till I shoot these bitches down. I ain't tryin' to start no mess / there's just somethin' on my chest that I need to get off, cuz you turnin' me off. Your vision cloudy if you think that you the best / you can dance she can sing but need to move it to the..."

Immediately after the remix hit the airwaves people began to speculate that Hilson was dissing Ciara & Beyoncé. All over social media many wanted answers on exactly who the song was about & during a radio interview in 2009, Keri denied that the song was a diss to either of her music counterparts. 

The backlash of the remix seemed to have taken a very dramatic toll on the music career of Keri. A lot of fans & spectators feel that since she allegedly dissed Beyoncé that she simply assassinated her own career before it really even begun. 

In all honesty, no matter who Keri Hilson is or isn't talking about in the remix of the song it simply just can not be denied that the verse is dope. Her execution & delivery was very much at a level of a actual diss song. The real question is, nearly 7 years after it's release...can Keri make a successful come back? I boldly think the answer is yes, simply because she actually has talent that has been proven especially with her sophomore album No Boys Allowed. 

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