Tuesday, September 20, 2016


So Rick Ross just dropped a video for his track titled "Same Hoes" and I'm sure you can guess how the song goes and what the video features. The video seems like an epic pool party.... full of baddies, however, I am slightly confused and I will tell you why.

First things first, the song talks about how Ross smashes the same chicks (he refers to them as hoes) as a lot of his famous comrades. He name dropped people like Kevin Hart, Justin Beiber, Steve Harvey, and Chris Brown just to name a few. He also let it be known that all rich guys smash the same chicks (not his words, I just cleaned it up a little). I was confused on the fact that these video girls are just in this video having them selves a grand ole time, while being referred to as hoes. Now I know y'all are gonna be like, "he wasn't talking to them directly", however, I'm sure some of those girls in the videos have or are looking to smash some of the artist that he mentioned. I'm just very confused at the fact that some ladies want attention that bad that they will degrade themselves at any given moment.

Anyway, the video had lots of eye candy, which is a great thing for the fellas. Of course Rozay shows you why he is the "Biggest Boss" in the video as well. You can also catch cameos from Wale and Meek Mill in the video. Check it out below!


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