Monday, September 26, 2016


Gucci Mane staying consistent with his music and video releases, decided to drop his video for "All My Children". The first thought that came to mind when watching this video was "We don't die, we multiply.... we are Bebe's Kids". I know I may be telling my age with that one but my 80's babies know whats up!

So you can watch the cartoon Gucci Mane rap about how all of these rappers is all his children, while other cartoon kids bounce around on trampoline booties. Yes, you read that right, booties are what the "children" are jumping on and there are even cartoon video vixens featured in the video. Twerking cartoons.... with thongs on and tattoos on butts..... What is the world coming to?! 

"All My Children" was featured on Everybody Looking, however, Gucci is currently working on another album that is set to drop in October. This album will be titled Woptober and will feature cameos from the likes of Travis Scott, Young Dolph, and more!

Check out the cartoon Gucci Mane and all his children below!


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