Thursday, September 29, 2016


Jesus DJ Drama, you wasn't playing with this remix were you?! He got a nice mixture of old and new in this song and I am here for it all. Dram called on Tory Lanez, Trey Songz, Fabolous, and Jhene Aiko to help out with the remix for "Wishing". Of course you already know that the original featured on Chris Brown, but he was also on the remix as well. 

Fab opens up the song and has a message for the ladies.... "Stop being friendly to them f**k boys". I couldn't agree with him more as a matter of fact. Then Trigga comes on with those sweet vocals and nasty talk that he is so good at. Trey knows exactly what he be doing on those verses, turning the ladies into putty... Sheesh (in his voice). Jhene Aiko is up next and holds it down for the ladies. Letting you know that she is far from the average chick your used to. Tory comes with his verse and reminds us not to get it twisted cause he is not Bryson Tiller. There is always a comparison of those two and people do tend to mix them up sometimes, but Lanez made sure to clear that up. Of course Breezy is still singing his part of the song, but overall, this was a hella dope remix.

The originally was already bomb, but this remix is even bomber (yes I make up words). This will definitely be on repeat wherever I am! You take a listen to the "Wishing" remix below and let me know if your feeling it as much as I am.

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