Wednesday, August 31, 2016


This is for all of my Lovers..... Hopeless romantics..... Grown and Sexy music lovers, Dave Hollister is giving us another song to groove to. This time, the singer sings about it being a shortage of good men out here, since that's what "she" said. This new song is titled "Shortage" and is set to be on his album that is being released in a few days. 

You already know that Dave Hollister is gonna bring the real to any of his tracks. This song is no different as he asks where are all the available men at... for "her" of course. Listen as he sings, "She said there a shortage of God fearing, job keeping, baby raising, strong love makin, available men", he's still asking where y'all at fellas. Hollister also did an interview with and he spoke about his new album The MANuscript, which features this song. When asked about the album, he said, "this is the record to give your man when he ain't acting right or when you want him to get right or if he wants to get right." But don't get it twisted, he is not only on the ladies side, he also said that he made this album for men to give to women too. "It was for dual purpose."

This song is super honest, I see it first hand with my single friends and their lack of options out here. It's sad but don't get discouraged just yet ladies cause it's still a few good men left out here! Until you find that bae though, check out "Shortage" and then The MANuscript is set to drop on September 9th. Will you be listening for the album?

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