Monday, July 18, 2016


Nick Cannon is dropping more new music, however, this time he is not as personal and in his feelings. Nick
seems to be letting loose in this track, getting raw in the lyrics as Jeremih sings the chorus to "If I Was Your Man". If you feel a good vibe from the beat and it sounds familiar, just think back to TLC's "What About Your Friends". This is one of the many dope samples that an artist has dropped and for that alone you will groove.
Now I must admit, its kind of hard for more to take Nick serious with these lyrics, however, it's clear that he is just having fun while keeping it real. He raps about him having money, in which he has a lot of and what it takes to be with him. The track definitely will make you look at Nick in a different light, but that may be what he was trying to accomplish. Take a listen to the song below!

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