Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The Raw Hollywood team is very excited to announce that we have officially launched our very own watch collection. Our owner Virgil Wilson has teamed up with Modify Watches to collaborate on different watch designs that everyone can enjoy wearing. The collection consists of six designs including the "We Are All Equal" watch that directly benefits the LGBTQ community & all proceeds will be donated to various organizations for homeless youth & suicide survivors.

Check out all the watches below.


Each watch can be switches with different bands that come in nylon, leather & rubber that include many colors to choose from. All of the watches can be purchased HERE & you can also receive 25% off using the discount code: MODIFYHOLLYWOOD until June 22nd.

Also, remember that when you purchase the "We Are All Equal" campaign watch those proceeds will be donated to LGBTQ organizations.

Peep a few Raw Hollywood fans wearing their watches!

Thank You Barry & Stro!! Purchase your watch HERE.

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