Wednesday, May 18, 2016


This feud had been going on for over 15 years so its only right that the Ladies put those issues to the side! A few days ago, Faith posted a video of herself and Lil Kim having a good time on stage to her Instagram account captioned "FAMILY FOREVER!!! BADBOYfamilyreuniontour". It was classic.... Kim was rapping and Faith was like the Hype(wo)man..... and I was here for it all!

If you were not caught up, this beef had been going on for some time now over the love triangle with Biggie, Faith, and Lil Kim. Those type of situations can get really messy and its a great thing that the ladies rekindle some type of bond. The beef seemed to start to simmer over a year ago when Faith posted a pic of Lil Kim at the Hot 97 Tipoff Concert. The caption under the pic read: "@lilkimthequeenbee making it do what it do! #hits #whatsbeef #thatishisplayedout #wegrown #teamfizzy #teamprolific #incomparablealbum"

Both ladies are set to perform on the Bad Boy Reunion Tour and this should be one for the books. Its always nice to see women come together and empower one another. Great job ladies!!

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