Saturday, April 16, 2016


The Bey Hive is growing very impatient while that wait for the release of Beyoncé's new album, but to satisfy them for now she is serving them with some freshly squeezed LEMONADE. Today the queen Bey released a video teaser for an unknown project that will make it's debut on HBO. In true Beyoncé fashion she hasn't announced any concrete details on what is to be expect, but we all know it'll be worth the wait. 

It could very possibly be a film that will go along with the new music that will be released with the forthcoming studio album. She fashionably flaunts a fur coat in the 20 second preview & while leaning over a car & face covered she asks, "what am I gonna do?". Just off of that statement alone we all can expect that she is coming bigger & bolder then ever.

Check out the clip below.

LEMONADE will premiere on HBO, April 23rd at 9pm followed by the Formation tour that will begin in Miami at marlins Park on April 27th

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