Thursday, March 10, 2016


Over the past few months Lil' Kim's rap voice has been heard a lot which kind of makes up for the long stretch of time when she wasn't making music. Just yesterday she & Maino released the song "I Did It For Brooklyn" where they pay homage to the city they are from along with showing love for Biggie Smalls on the 19th anniversary of his death.

Hours later Kimmy Blanco sets the internet on fire with her very own remix to Drake's track "Summer Sixteen". In a interview with Entertainment Weekly the NY bred rapper speaks on her new music.

Check it out below.

"When I make music, I never know what song is going to be that one. Sometime when you’re making music, you get to a point in your career when it’s not fun, maybe you’re going through a tough time. When I did Naked Truth it was a serious time in my life. I had gone to prison, I had all that stuff. My music was really serious at that time. But even during the serious times, being sexy is always a must. I have a song on that album called “Kitty Box” and even during that serious time in my life, that was something I wanted to get out.

I never “aim” to put out an album. When I was with my record company, they would aim to put out an album but I’ll be honest with you, I’d aim for certain days to drop an album and it would never happen. We’d get so caught up in making good singles and good music where we would just be vibing. When the time was right we’d drop an album. Honestly I’m just having fun making music right now."

Listen to "I Did It For Brooklyn" HERE.

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