Friday, March 25, 2016


As of lately Lil' Kim has seemed to be taking returning to music a lot more seriously especially after releasing the song "Panda" & the collaborative record with Maino "Did It For Brooklyn". It has been sometime since she has put out a complete body of music & for a very long time her fans have been wanting an album, but because of legal issues that has not been attainable. 

Get more details below.

The Brooklyn rapper has announced via instagram that she is preparing to unveil a brand new mixtape that will see a March 28th release date. Titled Lil Kim Season will be the first mixtape she has released since her attack on reigning rap queen Nicki Minaj, now that the era of that beef is over Kim is ready for a new chapter of her music. 

Their have been rumored circulating that Kim will also be releasing an album & allegedly it will be through Sony's Epic Records. Of course no confirmed details have seen the light of day, but if it is true she will make the announcement when the time is right. 

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