Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Brandy released her latest single "Beggin' & Pleadin" in January leaving fans excited that she was in the process of recording new music & they would be receiving a new album in the coming months. It looks like the process could dramatically be slowed down because of issues she is having with her record label.

More details below.

According to sources, this past Tuesday Brandy sued her record label for $1 million as she claimed that they refuse to allow her to record any new music or release an album in a way to bully her into signing a new contract allowing Chameleon Entertainment to double dip at her own expense. The New York based entertainment company & Breyon Prescott who is the owner were sued by the r&b star in Superior Court this week.

She claims that Breyon who also works for Epic Records is attempting to double dip so he can double his own profits by forcing her to sign with Epic & release the music via Chameleon. She is demanding to be paid $1 million in damages for contract interference, business relations interference & business law violations. Brandy is also claiming that under there contract Chameleon is obligated to record & release her albums, but they are refusing to do so until she signs what she calls a terrible deal.

Brandy is being represented by Allen Brodsky & says that Prescott's "outrageous actions are based on nothing more than greed." If Prescott is able to get Brandy to sign the new deal he will receive profits as the owner of Chameleon Entertainment & through bonuses from Epic Records, in the complaint she also states, that she has "every right to terminate, and has now terminated, her recording contract with defendants."

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