Wednesday, February 10, 2016


This past Sunday the Super Bowl game was overshadowed by Beyonce's performance during the half-time show that commanded the attention of all people watching. She hit the field & debut the first live rendition of the new single "Formation", dressed in old school black panthers clothing with her dancers she made a bold statement that some appreciated while others thought it entailed a message of police brutality. 

Ever since the performance many people have voiced their opinion on the bold statement, some stating that Bey is promoting the harm of police officers & others are showing full support of her fight for the Black Lives Matter movement. Singer/songwriter Mike Hough of the U.K. took to his facebook account to voice is opinion & many have wondered & asked him his thoughts on the matter.

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"BEYONCE & FORMATION: ok so you lot know how big of a Beyonce fan i am. And I've been asked sooo many times my thoughts on this whole 'controversial' movement shes making so here are MY thoughts. I support what Bey is doing. Black lives DO matter. My whole life I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by educated Black people and i know the struggle they go through. But not all are as aware of the brutality they suffer from the Police in the US, the stick of being "different" etc. Its bullshit. But what i also believe is that the media are trying to have us fall victim to them poisoning the matter. I dont support White people ruling the world the same i dont support Black ruling the world. I dont support men ruling the world the same i dont support female, same for straight or gay. What i do support is ALL being equal and being able to live together with us being able to get jobs, support and opportunity based off who we are as people and not the colour of our skin, the gender we are, or whatever sexuality we are. There is corruption in all sorts of places. Not just in White vs Black. I have many black gay friends who cant be openly gay because the black community will disown them so they spend their life living unhappy. Ive heard them say "its so much easier to be white and gay than black and gay because of your family". Thats not EQUALITY. Equality is all being able to be who you are and being accepted for it. So all Bey has done has highlighted a subject that is one part of the many topics of corruption around the world. And i support her for that. Shes educated more people and we as humans should support our brothers and sisters of whichever colour in being able to be accepted and just as equal as their neighbour. But i personally have seen some people post status's taking this as Beyonce is fighting for Black people to rule the world and over power white people. Wrong. We as humanity need to realise that ALL lives matter. Black, white, gay, straight, male, female. And thats also what Black Lives Matter is about. Because deep down we all have one thing in common, a heart. And make no bones about it, what white people did many many years ago that made anybody 'non white' suffer is DISGUSTING. Shameful. And it still goes on. But for those that realise its 2016 now and not living behind the times, we are not them, its not about revenge its about coming together and moving forward and setting a world for our future children's children to live in that is safe, non violent and accepting. Where no race, sexuality or gender has to suffer or fight for a place in this world. So to sum my thoughts up. Bravo Beyonce, you used your platform for something very important, and I hate that we live in a world where we aren't all equal and some thing like that has to even be carried out just to open the eyes of the ignorant - Because the truth is.. ALL lives matter. But now, Its just down to us to try make that universal."

Watch Beyoncé's performance HERE.

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