Saturday, February 13, 2016


First it started with Beyoncé when new surfaced that she had gotten rid of her entire management team to bring in a new team who could help her take her career to a new level & she isn't the only one cleaning house. Ahead of the release of her third album pop singer Ariana Grande seems to have done the same thing in an effort to make positive changes for the sake of her career.

More details below.

For some weeks now rumors have been circulating that Grande had cut ties with Scooter Braun who has been her manager since 2014. While there hadn't been any concrete confirmation many thought the separation had something to do with Braun's longtime client Justin Bieber, but Entertainment Tonight revealed that he had nothing to do with it.


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  1. Good. Their is no reason why she can't be just as big as Taylor Swift. Shes got all the marketability plus her vocals blow away all these young girls out here


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