Tuesday, November 10, 2015


After unveiling the Anti album cover Rihanna's promo wave has gone cold with no signs of a release anytime soon. It looks like Riri is going to make it up to her fans for the album delay, she could be taking a trip down memory lane with reviving the "S&M" era of her music. 

Get more details below.

According to TMZ:

"Rihanna had a fetish store working OT this weekend when she put in a rush order for some pricey custom-made latex.
A rep for The Stockroom, a popular BDSM store in Silverlake, CA, tells TMZ, Rih Rih’s stylist reached out over the weekend for product that had to be churned out in 48 hours.
The $2,000 plus order was for custom latex catsuits to outfit the “S&M” singer for a music video she’s shooting Monday and Tuesday in L.A. We’re told the stylist requested full-body black and dark navy catsuits created by Syren Couture latex, a high-end latex company.

Since the order was for some out there fetish gear … Rihanna had to fork over some VERY personal measurements such as ‘nipple to nipple,’ ‘shoulder top to top nipple,’ ‘crotch,’ etc."

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