Sunday, September 27, 2015


Keyshia Cole released her collaborative song with Young Thug titled "Don't Waste My Time" something released to hold over her fans as she continues to record her new album. KC is keeping the new music rolling with a cover of Drizzy Drake's "Hotline Bling" with her usual relationship twist. She sings about a no good man that no longer shows her the love he once did.

Listen after the cut.

Listen to "Don't Waste My Time" HERE.

Ever since the release of Keyshia's Point of No Return album last year her music just hasn't been the same. She definitely needs to return to the artist she was when her debut album was released, the music sounded more genuine & like she actually knew what her identity was as a artist. Sadly as of lately it's like she's gone from a raw r&b artist to a thugged out singer with these ghetto records she's been releasing. 

I am beginning to understand why she is currently a independent artist because honestly I do not know why any major label would want to buy into the music she's recording. most of what she has been releasing is a complete waste in my opinion & it's not because people don't understand the music but because most of it lacks substance & passion like her music once possessed. 

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