Monday, September 14, 2015


Singer/songwriter Dawn Richard has fallen victim to some opinions that many are trying understand where exactly they are coming from. Recently black people have been comparing her vocal styling to r&b songstress Brandy, but why? We can all agree that her former Danity Kane sound is a sure thing of the past when compared to her solo material, but will agree that she & Brandy's sound is completely different. 

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In a interview with British journalist Sope Soetan she had the following to say about the comparisons. 

"I grew up loving Imogen Heap and Bjork. And one of my favourite female voices to this day is Alanis Morissette. Those voices really did something for me, growing up to me they sounded like cognac and cigar smoke, they had these cool tones that worked well with rock and alternative music.  As far as what I do organically, I just go in and whatever feels good, feels good I don’t force it. Leads and adlibs are cool but my favourite thing to do when I’m in the studio is backgrounds. I can go on and on for days, there’s this sense of peace and chanting. Like an army of bad motherfuckers always behind me, like a 1000 people in believing me and 1000 people behind me every time doing these counter chants which are so African, so Creole and so New Orleans."

While all opinions are simply just that some things are just laughable. Both Dawn & Brandy have very unique sounds & talents that can't be replaced, but to say they are similar artists would be something that just isn't true in any form. 

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