Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It's very sad that we live in a time where people find it hard to forget a persons past & allow them to show a more positive side of who they are. Ever since that fateful night in 2009 when Chris Brown & former girlfriend Rihanna got into that domestic violence issue the media have refused to let him leave it in the past. Granted years after the incident he has lashed out verbally & physically but in currently months/years he has turned over a new leaf. Brown has publicly apologized & acknowledged his many mistakes & yet viewers still refuse to forgive him. Once again Chris is publicly letting the world know that he has learned & is continuing to learn the mistakes of his past, but will the media finally forgive him? 

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A few days ago news sparked the internet that Chris Brown allegedly was denied access to Australia where he would be putting on a concert for his fans. His team released a statement via social media stating that him being granted access to Australia is currently being considered. 

Today Chris tweeted about how his past experiences can help teach young kids about domestic violence. He says that these days kids don't listen to there parents & they tend to pay more attention & listen to what the celebrities they look up to say. 

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