Monday, August 17, 2015


Over the past years many people of the LGBT community have sadly taken their own lives through suicide. Their are many small & big organizations who are continuously doing everything to provide help for anyone who suffers from suicidal thoughts or who have attempted the act previously in their lives. Ever since 2009 the popular television show Rupaul's Drag Race that is broadcasted on the Logo network has helped to build up the LGBT community by showing their support for suicide attempters & victims, but sadly not everyone who is or has been apart of that brand agrees with the topic of suicide.

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Drag Race season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez made some very shocking & appalling comments regarding suicide over the weekend that left many people hurt & disgusted. Allegedly someone tweeted Sanchez saying that they hated her & she responded with "kill yourself". Their are many people that know that this term is not to be taken in the literal form, but it was her rant following the tweet that was disrespectful. 

It is very true that everyone is indeed entitled to their own opinion, but when you begin to speak on a very sensitive subject as suicide as if it is not important your opinion & character begin to become tarnished & people will see you as a disgusting human being. 

What makes this entires situation even more sad is that Tyra had a lot of people who commended & applauded her on the hurtful comments probably continually leading her to believe that what she was saying was merely ok. The truth of the matter is this, suicide is a real situation that many people suffer from & in no way should is be looked at as a game or a childish joke. I do understand that many of these reality stars deal with many people who are not fans of them calling them names & saying things to them that may also be hurtful, but I do not think that to in return bring up the subject of suicide & make a mockery of it is the adult thing to do. Regardless if someone agrees with suicide or not it just is not humanly right to talk down to people about the topic running the risk that the outcome could be fatal.

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