Saturday, August 22, 2015


It has been 9 years since songstress JoJo released her last album The High Road. Due to issues with her former label Blackground records she was unable to released a follow-up project & resulted to pouring her heart & soul into mix tapes like Agape. Now that she is signed with Atlantic Record she's free to record new material & satisfy her fans music hunger. This past Thursday she unveiled a triangle of singles that signified the opening of a new chapter on her life.

Get more details below.

JoJo came with a vengeance with the release of "Say Love" that was Harmony Samuels produced, "Save My Soul" & the house music infused record "When Love Hurts" that was produced by Jason Evigan & Benny Blanco. Immediately upon it's release fans showed their love for the new music on social media making the beginning of a new era for the singer. In a special Spotify exclusive she goes into detail as she explains each song & it's meaning. 

JoJo's three new singles are available now on iTunes, download them all HERE

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