Thursday, July 30, 2015


When music streaming service TIDAL was first launched back in May their were many people who were totally against Jay-Z's new business venture. While he called on many of his chart-topping music friends to bring in more popularity with the help of all of their friends the service still failed to become the huge success that many hoped it would be. The company tried to make the streaming service stand out from others by offering exclusive content, but that also failed to take the brand to new heights.

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According to Hits Daily Double:

"Tidal has gone eerily quiet of late, apart from statements of support from Nicki Minaj and Madonna, and the word is that Jay Z is looking to get out. This ambitious undertaking has cost him millions of his own money because he never got the expected funding, he still hasn’t paid the licensing fees to the rights holders and no one is likely to throw him a life preserver and bail him out, so he has little choice at this point except to stop the bleeding. What will his exit strategy look like? Interesting to note that it’s not Apple, Sony, UMG or WMG that could be putting the final nail in the Tidal coffin, but Cash Money’s Slim and Baby Williams, with their copyright-infringement suit against the service for its recent exclusive with alienated label artist Lil' Wayne."
This lawsuit has the potential to hurt the TIDAL brand in a big way & what it has been trying to build since it's initial launch. Could this be the only reason that Jay-Z is allegedly looking for a way to exit the company? I would say no, sadly the streaming service has been struggling & so far has not had a strong moment of success in hopes to change the minds of naysayers. In a world where you can find anything on the world wide web the exclusive content that TIDAL thought would bring subscribers was a total &complete fail. Their is no need to offer subscribers the V.I.P treatment when they can get the same exact content on the internet for free. Hopefully sooner than later we will all see how this plays out.

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