Wednesday, May 6, 2015


In recent years Lil' Kim's music career has struggled to regain consciousness & reclaim it's chart-topping place in the mainstream music realm. After countless mixtape releases & failed buzz records many have fallen off Kim's bandwagon & no longer believe in her power as a former female dominating rapper. It has now been announced that the Brooklyn born rapper has signed with a new management company who will guide her overall career back to the top. 

Get all the details below. 

As many of you can remember Nicki Minaj's former manager Fendi who is the CEO of Dirty Money was also the manager of Kim, but now he is no longer in control of her future. The concert promotion firm The Commission has chosen Kim to be the first artist to manage as they have expanded into artist management. Kim has already worked with the company where they have collaborated to launch live shows over the course of the past years. 

According to Billboard:

"In a press release announcing the management division’s launch, The Commission Presents CEO Artie Pabon stated, “We are beginning with a bang. “

Hopefully this new partnership with bring success to Lil' Kim's career. While many have chosen to not support her artistry because of many failed promises they are surely others that will forever love & promote her future projects. It would be great to see her return to the studio in a serious manner & construct a solid album. 

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