Friday, August 15, 2014


Last week fans of Danity Kane got the shock of their life when they found out the group had broken up once again due to a physical altercation between Dawn Richard & Aubrey O' Day. Ever since they ladies reunited their fans have supported & helped to promote their latest single "Lemonade" & their No Filter Tour, but now they are left with nothing. Many wondered if the album they were working on would be released even though the group is now a piece of history. After all 3 ladies have spoken publicly to their fans about the demise of the group Dawn has revealed new information on the status of the album & if it will actually be released for the enjoyment of their dedicated fan base.

Find out what she had to say below.

The entire situation is just sad. After years of not being together & the fans helping to bring the group back & for this to happen is just ridiculous. I think we all can agree that no matter who is at fault the incident should have been handled a lot better then what we all witnessed. The ordeal should of been dealt with privately & between the ladies, but unfortunately that was not the case & we now have to deal with the reality that DK is over & probably for good this time.

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