Wednesday, July 9, 2014


On this episode of "All My Children" Beyonce's father is in another paternity suit, but this time it's with a woman younger than Bey (No Shade) ! Poppa Knowles is allegedly the father of  30 year old Taqoya Branscomb from Houston, Texas ! Buzz-Feed reports that Brandscomb has filed a suit against Knowles for a DNA Test, child support and Attorney Fees. But this is where it gets TRICKY.....
According  to TMZ  Taqoya  was  friends with Solange but she was blindsided by the entire rendezvous between her father and her friend ! This is the second suit against Knowles since Alexsandra Wright filed a suit for paternity and DNA  ! Knowles had to pay $12K but was later reduced to a little over $2,000 ! Knowles has yet to acknowledge any of the accusations driven by Brandscomb ! This is sort of a tough one... many people are wondering why has she waited for 4 years before speaking out, while others are saying that Branscomb could be telling the truth !given that he has already done it before ! Well y'all know how we do.... We don't speak on what we don't know ! Check out these pictures of Taqoya and her daughter Koi courtesy of Necole Bitchie ! COMMENT BELOW ! 

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