Friday, July 25, 2014


Cynthia Loving also known as r&b singer Lil' Mo has truly been making moves when it comes to building her brand & gaining positive exposure. As most of you already known she is apart of the reality television show R&B Divas L.A. that is currently in it's second successful season on the TVOne network. Just a few days ago the soulful songstress announced that she would be releasing a memoir & telling her story called Taming Lil' Mo that will be released sometime this coming Fall. After fans have seen the Divalogues episode from season one of the show more people want to know more of who she is outside of the limelight & celebrity lifestyle. As of lately she has released her very raw mixtape entitled No Shit Sherlock that has seen her grow as a artist & give her true fans what they expect from her & that's truth, honesty & relatable music. 

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The outspoken diva has hit fans with yet another surprise with revealing the release date of her next studio album. Months ago she unleashed it's title The Scarlet Letter via Penalty Ent./Sony Red music label, the body of music will be released on September 30th. Speaking to her fans on social media Mo lets them know what they can expect from her new material:

"Please believe this will be one of my MOst revealing albums!! Ye who is without sin, cast the first stone!! Whilst I get my smooth stone ready that I aint eem thrown YET!! (wont i quote)."

Lil' Mo's book Taming Lil' Mo is now available for pre-order HERE.

Download the No Shit Sherlock mixtape HERE.

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