Monday, July 14, 2014


Ever since 2009 rapper/actress Lil' Mama and scrutinize for who she is in the media. During Jay-Z's '09 Video Music Awards performance Lil' Mama abruptly jumped on stage while the show was going on leaving her name to be tarnished and industry. Last year she redeemed herself when she portrayed Lisa 'Lefteye' Lopes in the VH1 bioptic Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story & showed the world why she was born to play the role. Over the years she has been talked about when it has come to her personality, wardrobe choices & her overall artistry, but now she has spoken out and said enough is enough.

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She has come under scrutiny once again for her looks. The self proclaimed Voice of The Young People have been accused of bleaching her skin. She has taken to her Instagram account to address those false claims & to speak her piece that also includes photographic evidence that she has never bleached her skin.

"I’m exactly that AUTHENTIC… It’s funny how when I look stupid with dumb ass make up, hair, wardrobe or whatever… y’all be thirsty to repost it. Then when I look GREAT, y’all keep scrolling, or stop to be like she bleaching her skin or some other dumb excuse instead of just facing the fact that you just wanna see somebody doing bad.
People love to debate about what work celebs have done. Y’all don’t know nothing about me besides the exposed. If I ever bleached my skin… I would literally look like Casper. I been the same ain’t nothin change but the evolution. Respect the growth and stop hatin… God loves you and I love you too."

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