Thursday, July 10, 2014


Well the verdict was in on Tuesday July, 8th for Apollo Nida as he plead guilty to fraud charges. CNN reports that Nida stole millions of dollars from at least 50 people over the course of four years ! Apollo's mother, and brother were present in the Georgia courtroom when the judge sentenced him to 8 years in federal prison ! Notice who was missing from that list of names that attended Apollo's hearing ?Yupp, his wife Phaedra did not show up for the sentencing ! A while back Parks said that she didn't know anything about her husband laundering money and cashing fraud checks. Of course you know people are saying that Phaedra had to know about her husband's shady business. Oh and y'all remember Apollo was originally looking at 30 years in prison, but that got reduced by a landslide ! According to TMZ Apollo became an informant in order to cut the time on his sentencing, saying that the judge who sentenced him said that Nida did cooperate with federal investigators by spilling "criminal secrets."  Another hearing is scheduled for July 17th to determine the amount of restitution Apollo will pay. But in the mean time I want you guys to reflect on why Phaedra didn't show up for her husbands court sentencing. Do you think she just couldn't bare to see him go down that road again ? Or was it because she was embarrassed at what he did indeed do ? Or maybe it was just for the sake of her children ? Of course I'm sure Phaedra had her reasons for not showing up, but I still want to know... WHAT Y'ALL THINK??!! COMMENT BELOW!! 

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