Friday, June 20, 2014



Last year Fantasia took the music world by storm when she released her Side Effects of You album. She meshed together her love for music genres rock & soul helping to open up a new chapter in her music catalogue. Recently she spoke with Billboard's The Juice about her music & continuing this rock/soul movement. 

More details below. 

"This whole rock soul direction has been onmy heart. I’ll always be soulful: I started singing in the church at the age of five. So that will never go anywhere. But there’s a certain side of me that wants to tap into that whole rock world. It’s hard to come from R&B to that. But it’s something I believe in and will fight for. This will be my fifth album and 10 years in the game for me. Musically I’ve grown, and in my life I’ve grown. I want all of that reflected in my music for this album."

The former American Idol winner collaborated with the talented Harmony Samuels on her 4th album & it was a major success. 

"We’re going back in the studio soon. I feel like I should always do albums with Harmony because he gets me. He’s like my Quincy Jones. We started “Side Effects of You” from scratch with him going to the keyboard and just playing things. I’d be like, “I like that. Keep going.” Whenever you can create an album like that, it’s amazing. You don’t find that anymore,” Fantasia shared. “Normally you go into the studio and the producer gives you a track or the song is already written. Harmony allows me to be me."

It will surely be interesting to see what Tasia cooks up fir her 5th studio album. Over the course of her career her sounds has always been solid & she has humbly kept her roots attached to her unique sound. 

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