Monday, May 12, 2014


For many years now the media & fans of Beyoncé & Jay-Z saw the relationship as picture perfect but judging by a recent incident there's nothing perfect about their lives. Last week the power couple attended The Met Gala & then attended a after party at The Standard Hotel in NYC with Bey's younger sister Solange. Video surveillance footage has leaked to the internet courtesy of TMZ showing all three of them entering a elevator & Jay was immediately attacked by Solange. 

More details below.

As Jay was being attacked by Salonge her older sister Beyonce stood back & watched her husband get hit & kicked & she did nothing. After a few moments she stepped in between them to gain control of the situation. Bodyguards were also in the elevator & tried to hold Solange back but she continued to hit Jay. As of right now there is no information on what triggered the altercation, but we can be sure in days to come more juicy details will emerge.

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