Wednesday, April 23, 2014


R&B songstress Lil' Mo may have a small frame but she surely packs a hard punch especially with her soulful singing voice. Just last week she released her new mixtape No Shit Sherlock where she takes on a cocky swagged out rapper version of her r&b self as she raps over Chris Brown's "Loyalty" & Nicki Minaj's "Lookin' Ass Nigga". While this project is something not to be missed she has a lot more tricks up her sleeves, something to make all her haters even more mad. In 2014 Mo is taking her brand to the next level & their are no signs in sight of her slowing down anytime soon.

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First on the list is a brand new album that she has already titled The Scarlet Letter that she plans to release this coming Fall via her new record deal with Astra/Penalty/Sony Red. Lil' Mo also plans to release a book called Taming Lil' Mo, even though no details have been released as of yet we can imagine it will be a more in depth look into her life that many have never experienced before. Keeping the momentum going the outspoken singer will be putting her acting chops to the test in a movie called Who Can I Run To that is expected to premiere sometime during the Summer. The Summer time is slowly but surely approaching so she will be keeping the world hydrated with a new water deal she has with a company called Hydro-ONE that she is part owner of. Next up on the list is a voice over character she will be playing named Lil' Orphan Arnold for a cartoon that's being called Black Dynamite, theirs no release date for that project yet. Last but surely not least is the season 2 premiere of Tv One's hit reality show R&B Divas: L.A. that will be gracing the television world in July.

2014 has Lil' Mo booked from A to Z with all of these projects she has going on & with this new record deal her future will be very bright.

Listen & Download the No Shit Sherlock mixtape HERE.

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