Saturday, April 12, 2014


Their is no denying that Beyonce has grown into a strong presence in the music business. From a successful movie career, an endless amount of awards won to multi-platinum album she reigns as a queen. Many may not agree but numbers surely don't lie & King Bey knows how to keep her empire growing. 

More details below. 

For some years now many have wondered if she has made it to icon status & PEOPLE magazine weighs in on the topic. The popular magazine names the 32 year old singer as one of the Top 5 Most Important People In Music Now. The publication used the example of her latest self-titled album that was a surprise release as the biggest reason why the project that "forever changed the game". Over the years Bey has created a great track record & help to prove why she has remained one of the most popular music figured of our generation. 

While we haven't heard much from her since The Mrs. Carter Show a World Tour came to an end recently their just isn't any telling what she has up her sleeve for the future. 

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