Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Any music artist in the industry knows one of the biggest issues when it comes to releasing new music is the fear of their hard work being illegally downloaded. One artist by the name of RuPaul refuses to become a victim of illegal downloads with the release of his new album Born Naked. He came up with a brilliant plan to protect his new music from online piracy. 

Find out below.

Some hours ago patrons of illegal downloading may have thought that would be able to listen to the new body of music from the famous drag queen when links began popping up on the internet to download the LP illegally. Once the materially was downloaded they all quickly found out that the freebie was nothing more then a decoy album that was created RuPaul himself. The decoy was created to protect the actual album from piracy & pushing people to go to music outlets like iTunes & purchase the real material.

"We work so hard on this music. So we thought, why not flood the torrents with a decoy album that educates consumers on why it's important to buy music."

When many hit the play button on the album this is what they heard:

Listen to it HERE.

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