Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Ever since Drake released his song entitled "Enough Said" that featured some unreleased vocals on the late singer Aaliyah he has been getting a lot of negativity thrown his way. Producer Noah "40" Shebib was also apart of the song production, but late last year he announced that he is no longer apart of the production of the posthumous album. He says that he spoke with Aaliyah's mother & after she heard seven tracks she said that she did not want the project to be released because they featured unreleased vocals that she laid down before she passed away.

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Recently Drake was at a NYC nightclub called Griffin's where he DJ'd & during his time there he spun a record called "Talk Is Cheap" that had more unreleased vocals by Aaliyah. Over time we have been exposed to Drake's obsession with the singer but now it's getting out of hand. While we all can understand that he is a fan of hers he should show some respect for her mother & abide by her wishes & not released any music that features her voice on it. 

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