Wednesday, January 1, 2014


In 2013 Dawn Richard has made her mark as a solo artist, with the success of her debut album GoldenHeart she was able to showcase her individual talents as she used her music & accompanying videos to tell a story.  It has been one year since the release of the album & a music video for "Riot/Northern Lights" has it the wonderful internet. Richard filmed the visual in May of 2013 but it was shelved when she parted ways with Druski who was her production partner, the video serves as chapter two & three of her visual choreography film & picks up where "86" left off. In the "Northern Lights" portion of the video the song jumps in the remixed version that features a verse from rapper Eve. The visual is a little over seven minutes long as she puts her warrior mentality to the test & fights off negative opponents. 

Watch it after the jump.

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