Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Lil' Kim is gracing the cover of Rolling Out magazine in a revealing sexy black dominatrix-esque outfit & she speaks on topics such as reality TV, her strained relationship with her former friend P. Diddy & the media.

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On why She is still the topic of discussion after not releasing a album since 2006:

"No disrespect, no shade, but I'm not going to answer [that] question because I think that's kinda corny. I don't know how to answer that…. That's not a question I would answer. I'm blessed. That's all I can say. And I am who I am."

On her relationship with Diddy:

"I mean… business is business and personal is personal. I think that's always been clear, but you learn more why it's clear, but you learn more why it's clear as you live it."

"Puffy called me one day and he tracked me down through some people I knew. [He said] 'no matter what, you're going to always be my sister.' We always go through things like that. At the end of the day were tied to each other through B.I.G's estate and B.I.G's iconic, historic legacy."

On extending her legacy:

"I'm a real artist, I [have] basically been in the game for a minute. [so it's] where I feel like it's time to go to [another] level and my career. I think every artist has that moment - if you're a real artists. I care about what I do, so in different things [you're] always concerned about your next step - but that doesn't stop me from taking it."

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