Friday, December 27, 2013


It has been well over a decade since illegal music downloads has taken over the internet, every year any music artist that you can think of has fallen victim to having their music illegally downloaded. Just a week ago the internet went crazy when reigning queen Beyonce released her self-titled fifth studio album that was a total & complete surprise to the world, but while many were rushing to iTunes to purchase the album others were searching for illegal download links among social media. Thus far Bey's album has sold 991,000 units in it's first 2 weeks & due to illegal downloads she has lost a lot of money as well, but just how much has she lost?

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According to a article that has been published by Bill Werde today Mrs. Carter lost $3.8 million because of the album being downloaded through file sharing websites all over the world wide web. On December 13th the chart-topping album has been downloaded 240,000 times illegally resulting in the 3.8 million loss. Thankfully even with the piracy issues the album is still firmly holding it's place at #1 on music charts & the sales are continuing to grow.

 As most of you already know Beyonce has extended her The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour until the end of March 2014 so that will also help to further promote the album that will surely result in more albums sold. With all of the success & media attention Bey & the album has received the Grammy's of 2015 will surely see her walk away with more of those beautiful awards, because face it the album is a solid body of work that the fans have all been waiting for.

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