Thursday, June 20, 2013


Smooth r&b singer Miguel is featured on the cover of the Summer issue of Paper magazine, in the issue he opens up on various topics about working with the legendary Mariah Carey, his relationship with his girlfriend & his genre of music. 

Peep photos & excerpts from the issue below.

On working w/ Mariah Carey:

"When she first walked into our session I was like, "I has such a crush on you, bitch!" Asked if those were his exact words, he grins "Nah I had to keep it cool."

On his relationship with model girlfriend Nazanin Mandi:

"As comfortable as I am dealing with it in music, it's so much harder to do it for real. I'm not even going to pretend." Back in 2007 Mandi temporarily called off their relationship. "I was mad young, just wildin' out, & she was smart enough to leave, like she should have."

On his current musical style:

"I wanted to reconnect to my peers, the people that I hang out with, the one's that go to the same bars, listen to the same music, look at the same blogs, will be at the art gallery, will be at that show. Those people, the one's that I wasn't touching before, I had their attention."

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