Friday, November 11, 2011


Up & coming singer Ashton Parson has just released his new single "Rolling Stone" that was inspired by mother monster herself Lady Gaga. The song has a infectious sound that instantly grabs your attention with the melody & the way Parson sings the lyrics with his rock star appeal. If you listen closely he is telling a story that most people can only dream of & tells his own personal story through the lyrics. In a well detailed summary Ashton tells his fans the meaning behind this hit in the making.

Take a listen below.

Click HERE to see the Rolling Stone article.

The idea of rolling stone came to me after a picture of Lady GaGa & I
ended up inside Rolling Stone magazine. Sounds crazy to say that I had
a picture inside of one of the biggest magazines in history with one
of the biggest stars in the world, I truly can’t believe it happened.
The picture though, was a shot that was taken after GaGa spilled her
vodka martini in my lap during an impromptu performance of “someone to
watch over me”. The picture shows her reaching out, still singing..
but apologizing to me as well. A funny moment afterwards was when she
asked me to come over to her table, and said “I hope I didn’t get you
too wet”. After the issue surfaced, people back home were freaking
out. I got messages from folks saying things like “we’re so proud of
you” & “wow, you have really come far!”. While I thought that it was
awesome to share a page with mother monster herself, I really didn’t
understand why people would be “proud” of me for that. It just went to
show the significance of being associated with a publication of that
caliber. When you make it to Rolling Stone, you have obviously been
doing something right. I, however, felt that I should give the people
back home & everyone who has ever doubted me something to really be
amazed by or proud of. When my ass is on the cover, when I’m rocking
out on tour, then how will everyone react? Rolling Stone also acts as
a sort of message to my father & my mother. My dad was a real life
Rolling Stone, and still is. He has lived his life by living off of
other women, never having a home of his own… like the temptations once
sang, wherever he lays his hat is his home. Though my father was not a
part of my life for nearly all of it, I never have had any ill will
towards him, in fact I’ve been infatuated with how he does what he
does. What’s even more intriguing is how much these women must love
him in spite of all that he puts them through. That love must be
immeasurable! I want to know what it feels like to be loved like that,
like a rolling stone. Whether it be the Rolling Stone laying on a
woman’s couch, or the one the world is looking at on the magazine
rack.. I wont stop until I find that. The last part of the song that
kind of ties it all together is the line “mama never had a sweet 16”,
this line comes from my mother having me at 16 years old and being
kicked out of her home because I was biracial. Through my whole life
she faced so much and fought so much for me, that though she didn’t
have that Sweet 16 little girls hope for..when it’s all said and done
I’m gonna do something to make her proud and it will be all worth it.
Rolling Stone is a personal record about growth, determination, love,
desperation & pride.

                                                                                                  - Ashton Parson

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