Tuesday, November 8, 2022


It has been sometime since singer Amerie & graced the music industry with new music. The last time we were gifted a music project from the beauty was in 2018 with her double EP 4AM Mulholland & After 4AM. After many years of fan’s wondering when they’ll get new material she is back in the studio. 

More details below. 

Back in 2020 she let fans know that she was working on new material, but two years later they continue to patiently wait. The 42 year old has been focusing on being a author as she has launched a book club. Just a week ago she took to Instagram posting a behind the scenes video of her working in the studio with rapper Consequence where they will be collaborating on his track ‘Blood Stain 2’. The original track featured Kanye West after they reconciled earlier in 2022.
The downside to this news is that Amerie hasn’t officially announced when we will get new music solely from her, but seeing her in the studio brings great hope for fans. 

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