Monday, July 1, 2019


Lil Nas X has saw a lot of success in 2019 with his collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus for the Country infused record "Old Town Road". Fans have been enjoying his entrance into the lane of Country music by way of his rap/hip-hop offering. The 20 year old took to Twitter yesterday to reveal something that many simply did not know about him.

Find out below.

He used his music in the form of a song titled "C7osure" in a way to come out the world during pride month & the day that much of the world celebrated World Pride Day. It was also the 50th Anniversary of the historic Stonewall riots that happened in New York in 1969. 

After coming out to his fans his social media was flooded with many expressing that they did not know he was homosexual. After seeing the responses he delivered a tweet saying, "deadass thought I made it obvious" which came with a photo with a rainbow in the background.

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