Thursday, November 2, 2017


Lil’ Kim is finally ready to get back to hip-hop & she’s kicking it all off with a brand new single. The Brooklyn mc has unleashed the new record “Took Us A Break”, she’s rapping about the usual topics of designer labels, expensive trips. Kim even rhymes about people who aren’t fans of her & those who choose imitate her. 

Listen below.

“I was raised in the school of hard knocks,” she raps. “These bitches is class clowns / Giving y’all my old clothes, my old flows like hand-me-downs / I see y’all watching my Snap / Trying to see what else you could jack.”

It’s been 12 long years since she’s put out a studio album & the new song is to show everyone she is just getting started. Her last album was 2005’s The Naked Truth, fans have been waiting a long time for a new album. 

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