Tuesday, October 24, 2017


The past year of Mary J. Blige’s life has been a very public roller coaster as the world watches her divorce unfold. In 2016 Mary decided to divorce her husband/manager Kendu Issacs after 16 years once she found out about him cheating on her. She has referred to him as a con artist, but once they got in front of a judge she was ordered to pay him $30,000 a month in spousal support. 

More details below.

The money that she is being forced to pay is going towards expenses for vacations, wardrobe, & payments for managerial services that he provided to her. While we may have thought that was the end it sadly is not. 

Once Mary released her album Strength of a Woman any listener could tell that it’s material told a very vivid story of what went on in their marriage. Since the album has gone on to go #1 Mr. Issacs wants his cut since he was used as inspiration for the music. According to him she used lyrics that made him look bad publicly like what is heard in the songs “Love Yourself” & “Set Me Free”. 

Initially Kendu wanted to be paid $130,000/month, but had to settle for $30,000. He now wants an increase & tells exactly why he deserves it. 

“…now he is seeking an increase to $65,000, claiming she has $275,476 a month available that can go towards paying him spousal support. All in all, Isaacs says Blige has used him and his name to make successful “divorce songs,” so he wants his cut…”

If he indeed did cheat on Mary then him asking for any money at all is just disgusting! The audacity of a person doing wrong to you & then asking to be paid for it. I’m not saying he’s a gold digger, but.... well you know the rest. 

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