Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Well okay Sevyn Streeter, show him that you can be anybody he wants you to be. Now that's how you keep it spicy for sure, I mean what man doesn't want a lady that can switch it up. That is exactly what the singer did in her newest video for  her song "D4L" that features The Dream.

The video opens with the definition of "D4L" which means The act of pleasing one's mate and knowing when to switch that shit up. Sevyn gets into multiple different sexy characters throughout the video, showcasing sexy in various aspects. As she sings, "I can be your, be your wife or your mistress, as long as I got you baby, it aint no tripping. I'm down for life". Watch the video below and fellas get ready to enjoy lots of eye candy. Thank me later for sharing this! LOL


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