Monday, October 3, 2016


Have you gotten a chance to check out Solange's new album A Seat at the Table?! If not, you are terribly slipping and missing some total dopeness that Ms. Solange is bringing to the table. She released the album not even a week ago and she is already dropping videos for some of the tracks. All I gotta say is.... Yaaas Huney, Come Through!!

Solange released videos for her song, "Don't Touch My Hair" and "Cranes in the Sky", which are featured on the album. The video for "Cranes in the Sky" gives lots of different scenery. Of course we all know that Solo is not over the top flashy and things, so the video was fairly simple. She hit us with a couple of ballet dance moves, it looks like she has been getting her practice in. As far as the outfits, if your anything like me, then you are always anxious to see what Solange is going to be wearing. I've noticed that fringes are her thing, she does a lot of fringey outfits and of course a gold fringe number made its way to the desert with her in the video.

The video for "Don't Touch My Hair" is similar with it's simplicity. I have come to the conclusion that Solange has been taking some dance classes and was anxious to show off what she has been learning. Though they were simple moves, even may have been her own free style choreography, you can tell that she has been watching somebody. I love that Solange is such a free spirit, like she literally was just dancing like nobody was watching, even when she was surrounded by lots of people.


Check out the videos and let us know if you are feeling them or not. Have you listened to A Seat at the Table yet? If so, what did you think?

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