Monday, October 17, 2016


You know him as Nicki Minaj's ex boyfriend, but after they broke up, most of you decided to not give him a chance to do his thing, which was totally unfair might I mention. I mean the guy is talented.... hello, he helped Nicki write a lot of her music and his flows are just as nice. Safaree has been consistent with his music dropping and he does not care who pays attention or not cause he will continue to release songs. This time, the rapper released "Can't Lie" and he is getting in his feelings a little with this one.

Now I know y'all are not focused on his music when there is currently some messiness going on between him and Meek Mill. The two are currently throwing jabs on Twitter.... subliminally of course, you know how Twitter fingers go. I know y'all love some drama, however, lets get to the things that really matter, which is the music. 

The song "Cant Lie" features Olaf and can be found on his mixtape It Is What It Is, Vol. 2 that was released last year. Safaree is rapping about somebody special in the song, as he reminisces on the good times that they had. There is also a part in the song when he acts like he is having a phone conversation, which sounds like he could definitely be talking to his famous ex.

Take a listen to the song below and you be the judge.


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