Monday, September 12, 2016


Rick Ross talks loyalty with this new track that he released titled "No U-Turns".... and we all know how hard loyalty is to come by. Could this new song mean that Rozay is working a new solo project?! While we won't jump to any conclusions, we can just enjoy this new track for the time being.

Ross raps about it being no u-turns on his block and 'if you switch sides, you better stay there", amongst other talk of loyalty. The Miami native also talked about girls trying to come up off what is between their legs. He rapped, "Pretty bi**hes selling pussy, I wanna buy it all. Real bitches ride with her man, that's if he right or wrong. I got you suckin d**k while Daddy write a song, when he got you that G Wagon just to ride along". 

Check out "No U-Turns" below and let me know if your feeling it!

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