Thursday, September 29, 2016


If you thought r&b was dead then you are wrong. Singing group M.T.B. (Meant To Be) is proving that the soulful sound is alive & thriving with their brand new single "Do Your Thing". The track boasts a melody that replicates the sound of the current music scene, but the vocal magic that each member displays takes the record to an all time high.

Check it out below.

M.T.B. is without a doubt the future of the r&b sound. It has been many other singing group in past years who have tried to be successful, but haven't managed to bring exactly what M.T.B. brings & that's pure talent. The greatest thing about this budding group is that they have perfected their harmonies in a way that would make anyone who is a lover of the 90's r&b era remember that the original sound is surely missed in the current scene of music. 

"Do Your Thing" will be available for download on iTunes tomorrow (9/30) & on all other streaming services. 

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