Monday, June 27, 2016


There is never a need to question if Usher still has it cause he shows you every time that he performs that he still does. Last night Usher took the stage to perform his new hit "No Limit" featuring rapper Young Thug at the BET Awards. Of course the singer hit us with his signature dance moves, however, that is not what left everybody talking about his performance. 

We already know that when Usher hits that stage, be prepared to see some hot dance moves. This time was no different, however, the singer kept it entertaining by adding some of the newer dance styles. Usher invited some younger dancers to perform with him that got the crowd live....  or shall I say "Lit" (gotta keep up with the lingo). 

At the end of the performance, Usher turned to the crowd to reveal his shirt that read "Don't Trump America". He was not the only celebrity that spoke out about Trump and the importance of voting last night either. It's always great when celebrities use their platform for really important matters and issues. No one can tell you who to vote for, but do your research and know whats right for America.

If you missed the performance last night or just want a recap, check it out below!

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