Monday, June 13, 2016


It's always fun to hear different remixes and freestyles to the hottest song and "Panda" has been remixed a few times. It's cool to watch different people put their spin onto a track and make it there own. That is exactly what Safaree Samuels did with his "Panda" remix. 

You may know him as Nicki Minaj's ex bae but its time for him to step out of her shadow and do his own thing. The rapper has always done music though, even helping Nicki write a lot of her songs. His style is very similar to hers as well when it comes to rapping, however, he puts more Reggae emphasis on his music. 

People really don't want to give him a chance because many of them have their minds made up about Samuels (the break up was and still is semi messy). However, if we could just look past the personal, and get to the thing that matters most (music), you will notice that you have been sleeping. Safaree has a dope style and his wordplay is nice. Its time to give him a chance and when you do, just thank me later!

Check out the "Panda" freestyle below and let me know if your feeling it.


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