Thursday, June 9, 2016


Kelly Rowland's show Chasing Destiny is seeing the five ladies of the newly formed group on the path to definite superstardom & they have barely touched the surface as a new group. The show saw the former Destiny's Child alum team up with creative director Frank Gatson to flawlessly mold the ladies into well polished singers & overall entertainers. 

This week saw the show come to a close & the release of a new song called "All Of Us" that instantly gained tons of buzz on social media. The group that still does not have an official name have been signed to Epic Records & the next phase of their careers have already been planned out.

More details after the cut.

The highly anticipated next chapter for the group was highlighted in a recent release of the LA Times & much detail was confirmed.

- The group have recorded over 30 songs in the two months they've been formed - half of which were submitted to label head LA Reid for their album.

- Producers on the LP include Harmony Samuels, Dem Jointz, DJ Camper & The Stereotypes.

- The groups sound is described as "edgy pop-oriented r&b of Destiny's Child and SWV with the bite of Total, TLC and the short-lived Electrik Red."

- Recorded songs include: 'L.A.N.C.E' (a fiery women's anthem that tells the tale of an unfaithful man)

1. 'Wrap Around' (Sassy, bouncy)
2. 'Facts' (Sensual, slinky)
3. 'You Know Why You Calling' (a banger)
4. 'Problem' (another banger)
5. 'Ratchet Life' (smartly written number that sees the women offering tough love to a friend)

- Their first official single is due soon ('All Of Us' is not the song)

- The don't yet have a name. 1310, the number of their first apartment together, was almost agreed on but superstitions surrounding "13" so plans changed. Other options, more than 20 in total, have been hindered by the fact they've legally been up tamed by other bands - some of who aren't even active.

- The quintet's first TV performance is to take place on ABC's new show Greatest Hits. Due to air this summer, the music series sees contemporary artists and legacy acts performing records that defined the 1980s, 1990s and 2000's. Kelly's Group will salute En Vogue wild bear label mates Fifth Harmony will perform a Destiny's Child medley. via LA Times

Listen to "All Of Us" HERE & "It's Alright" HERE.

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